Clwb PAWB Summit

The first Clwb PAWB Summit will take place on Sunday 12th June 2022.

May 10, 2022


The Clwb PAWB Summit will provide an opportunity for Club Equality Champions, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers to develop their understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and connect with others who are passionate about driving change in football.

A range of sessions will be delivered by experts in EDI throughout the day, which complements our ongoing PAWB Education Programme.

The webinar sessions will feature representatives who are leading the way in creating an inclusive environment and delivering football for all provisions across Wales.

Guest speakers will showcase their Club initiatives, share their experiences and provide practical tips through both panel discussions and presentations.

The day will also feature a “drop-in” networking session for attendees to meet one another and also have the opportunity to ask questions to FA Wales staff leading on EDI.

All sessions are FREE to attend and further information about the Clwb PAWB Summit is provided below.


  • Learn and develop your knowledge and understanding.
  • Be a part of the future for PAWB.
  • Network.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Receive resources and ongoing support.


Time / Topic

10:00-11:00 AM  Creating an Inclusive Club (webinar).

11:00-12:00 PM  Engaging with Diverse Communities (workshop).

12:00-1:00 PM Disability Inclusion in Football (workshop).

1:00-1:30 PM  BREAK/Networking “Drop-in”.

1:30-2:30 PM  Colour Blind Awareness in Football (workshop).

2:30-3:30 PM  The Inclusion Club (webinar).

3:30-4:30 PM  Trans & non-binary Inclusion in Football (workshop).

4:30-5:00 PM  Football for Everyone: a look to the future (webinar).


Creating an Inclusive Club - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png 

1. Creating an inclusive Club - webinar (10:00-11:00 AM)

This webinar will feature a panel discussion focused on creating an Inclusive Club.

Panellists will share examples of good practice in developing a welcoming and inclusive environment in football and will provide practical examples for listeners to develop inclusion at their Club.

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Engaging with diverse communities - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png

2. Engaging with diverse communities - workshop (11:00 -12:00 PM)

The Engaging with Diverse Communities workshop provides an opportunity for participants to develop methods to engage with their local community to recruit new members and new talent from the area where they participate.

The workshop will be delivered by Jamie Hooper from Inclusive Cultures and will provide practical tools for creating an inclusive Club that is representative of the local community.

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Disibility Inclusion in football - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png

3. Disability Inclusion in football - workshop (12:00-1:00 PM)

The Disability Inclusion workshop provides an opportunity for participants to increase their understanding of disability football provisions and how to include disabled players in their Club.

The workshop will be delivered by Jamie Griffin from FA Wales who leads the FAW’s Disability Football Programme.

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Networking - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png

4. Networking - “Drop-in” session (1:00-1:30 PM)

The Networking "drop-in" session will provide an opportunity during the break for attendees of the Clwb PAWB Summit to meet and network together.

FAW staff leading on EDI will also be available to answer any questions and provide support to attendees.

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Colour Blind Awareness in football - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png

5. Colour blind awareness in football – workshop (1:30-2:30 PM)

The Colour Blind Awareness in Football Workshop provides an opportunity for participants to develop their understanding of colour blindness introducing the impact colour blindness can have on individuals affected and how to support colour blind individuals at your Club.

The workshop will be delivered by Kathryn Albany-Ward, founder and CEO of Colour Blind Awareness.

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The Inclusion Club - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png

6. The Inclusion Club - Club case study presentation – webinar (2:30-3:30 PM) 

The Inclusion Club webinar will provide two examples of Clubs that are leading the way with inclusive football in Wales. Both Clubs will share some of their initiatives and practical ways of developing an inclusive Club.

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Trans & Non Binary Inclusion in Football - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png

7. Trans & non-binary inclusion in football – workshop  (3:30-4:30 PM)

The Trans & non-binary inclusion in football workshop provides an opportunity for Equality Champions and other Club Members to develop their understanding of trans inclusion in sport at grassroots level.

The workshop will be delivered by Verity Smith (He/Him) who is the Trans Inclusion in Sport Officer at Mermaids UK.

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Football For everyone - a look to the future - Clwb PAWB Summit EB.png

8. Football for Everyone: a look to the future - webinar (4:30-5:00 PM)

The Football for Everyone: a look to the future webinar provides an opportunity for Equality Champions and other Club Members to be aware of the future plans of the Football Association of Wales for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in football in Wales.

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Jamie Hooper bio.jpeg

Jamie Hooper

Jamie founded Inclusive Cultures in January 2021, an independent expert consultancy on equality, diversity and inclusion in sport.  Jamie has 10 years of experience at the forefront of equality, diversity and inclusion best practice in the sport and physical activity sector, having previously worked at Swim England and Sport England, ensuring that everyone can access sport and physical activity and have a great time when they are doing so.  Jamie has been on the frontline of both LGBTQ+ and ethnic minority participation over recent years, and has been involved in driving progress in these areas forwards from the community to the board room.  Jamie is also a very proud Non-Exec Director and Advisory Board Member of a number of organisations including Sport For Confidence, the Black Swimming Association, and the Federation of Gay Games.  Jamie is also a co-founder of the Include Summit - the UK's largest conference for equality, diversity and inclusion in sport.

kathryn CBA.jpg

Kathryn Albany-ward

Kathryn is the Founder and CEO of Colour-Blind Awareness. Kathryn founded Colour Blind Awareness (CBA) in 2009 and has been working in sport since 2015. She worked with UEFA and the English FA to create the first guidance document on Colour Blindness in Football in 2017 and has continued to advise UEFA and other Football Organisations, developing further guidance and factsheets and delivering training and consultancy advice. She also advises the Council Of Europe Committee on Stadium Safety, Security and Service and has recently worked with World Rugby to publish guidance on Colour Blindness for Rugby. 

verity smith.jpg

verity smith

Verity is the Trans Inclusion in Sport Officer at Mermaids UK. Verity played elite women’s rugby for a number of years and now plays in the wheelchair rugby league UK Super League. He is a leading voice on trans inclusion in sport.


Craig Bowles

Craig runs Rosehill's inclusion programme. Rosehill is an Inclusive and autism-friendly Football club. Over 75% of their players have been diagnosed or are on the pathway of diagnosis with different medical needs ranging from ASD to Cerebal Palsey and most recently partially deaf. The Club has several inclusion initiatives to make sure that everyone is included and to raise awareness their players wear shirts with a multi-coloured puzzle piece design which represents Autism awareness.


Delwyn Derrick

Delwyn is a multi-award winning founder and coach of Bellevue Football Club in Wrexham, the region's first and award-winning, multi-ethnic and inclusion specific football team, founded in 2016 as a club for people from perceived adverse backgrounds who've faced barriers getting into the sport. Delwyn is also a representative on the North East Wales Football Association advocating for greater equality, diversity and inclusion from across the sport.

Dean Pymble.jpg

Dean pymble

Dean is the Campaign Manager for Show Racism the RED Card Wales having been previously the Sport Engagement manager at Cardiff City FC Foundation leading a range of inclusion projects. Dean is also a coach at Canton Liberal FC.

Wayne Greensf.png

Wayne Greenshields

Wayne is the general manager of Wrexham Inclusion FC which is the largest voluntary social inclusion football Club in Wales.  Supporting over 150 service users per week and over 500 different people a year. The Club support people from all types of backgrounds, such as those who have come from Substance Misuse, Disability, Homelessness, Mental health and base its message on providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds to gain access to sport, meet new people, access volunteering opportunities, help build their CV’s, enhance important life skills, peer mentoring, coaching and employment.

john heycock.png

John Heycock

John is the founder of Margam YC Stags Inclusion Football which gives children with physical and learning disabilities a chance to play football as part of a team. In 2021 John was named the BBC Cyrmu Wales Sports Personality Unsung Hero for his work at the Club.

wayne greens.png

Danielle Warnes

Danielle works for the Football Association of Wales as the Club Services manager and has been supporting the development of people and our beautiful game since 2014.  Danielle joined the FAW Trust back in 2020 and has become an M4 services connoisseur over that time. She has been at the helm of the development of our new digital community; Clwb Cymru aimed to empower our football family to develop, grow and sustain. She leads the FAW’s Club Accreditation programme and helps over 500 clubs to lay a lasting foundation, growing their Club and our game.


Jamie Griffin

Jamie works for the Football Association of Wales leading the FAW’s Disability Football Programme. Jamie has managed a variety of events and projects including a National Disability Adults Football Festival, regional disability schools' football festivals, turn up and play alternative football sessions.

Jason Webber FAW Bio.png

Jason Webber

Jason is an expert and leader in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion who works at the Football Association of Wales as an Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Integrity Manager having previously led on the campain work with Clubs at Show Racism the Red Card. He has been integral in advancing the FAW’s EDI Programme and has extensive experience in educating and advising a wide range of stakeholders for more than a decade. Jason is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others and is committed to making football and sport inclusive for everyone.

Further information

All sessions for the CLWB PAWB Summit will take place online via Zoom and sessions are limited in numbers.

If you require accessibility support or have any questions about the Summit please contact

*PLEASE NOTE the Clwb PAWB Summit is for individuals working or volunteering in football in Wales.