Clwb PAWB Summit


The Clwb PAWB Summit will take place on Sunday 4th June 2023 and will provide an opportunity for Club Equality Champions, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers to develop their understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and connect with others who are passionate about driving change in football.

A range of workshops will be delivered by experts in EDI throughout the day, which complements our ongoing PAWB Education Programme.

The webinar sessions will feature representatives who are leading the way in creating an inclusive environment, delivering football opportunities for everyone across Wales.

Guest speakers will showcase their Club initiatives, share their experiences and provide practical tips through panel discussions and presentations.

All sessions are FREE to attend and further information including how to book your place at the Clwb PAWB Summit is provided below.



  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of ED&I.
  • Be a part of the future for PAWB.
  • Network & share.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Receive resources and ongoing support.



Time / Topic

10:00-10:15 AM - Welcome.

10:15-11:00 AM – Football for ALL – Creating an opportunity for EVERYONE Panel Discussion.

11:00-12:00 PM – Environments for HER.

12:00-12:30 PM - Lunch.

12:30-1:30 PM – Developing an Anti-Racist Club.

1:30-2:30 PM -  The Inclusion Club.

2:30-3:00 PM - Break

3:00-4:00 PM – Developing an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club.

4:00-5:00 PM – Diabetes Awareness in Football.

5:00 PM – Close.


1. Football for All: creating an opportunity for everyone - webinar (10:15-11:00 AM)

This webinar will feature a panel discussion focused on creating an opportunity for EVERYONE at your Club.

Panellists will share examples of initiatives and their experience of breaking down barriers to inclusion in order to provide opportunities for everyone in football.

Guest panellists include:

  • Charlotte Galloway - Chairperson at Cardiff Dragons FC.
  • Allan James - Facility Investment Manager at the Cymru Football Foundation.
  • Rebecca Osland - National Participation and Partnerships Manager at the Football Association of Wales.
  • Siân Cousins - Football Association of Wales Youth Council Chair.

2. Environments: for HER - workshop (11:00 -12:00 PM)

Environments: For Her has been introduced by the FAW to ensure all women and girls across Wales have equal, accessible and appropriate opportunities and environments within football.

The Creating Your Environment: For Her Workshop will provide an opportunity to gain a further understanding of how to maximise the participation of women & girls within their environment by providing the correct and appropriate opportunities for all.

The workshop will be delivered by Zoe Denman-Ellis Women’s League and Club Development Manager at the Football Association of Wales.

3. Developing an anti-rAcist club - workshop (12:30-1:30 PM)

The Developing an Anti-Racist Club workshop provides an opportunity for participants to increase their understanding of Racism, providing guidance on how to be proactive as a Club in challenging racist attitudes and behaviour in football.

The workshop will be delivered by Dean Pymble, Campaign Manager at Show Racism the Red Card.

4. The Inclusion Club - Club case study presentation – webinar (1:30-2:30 PM) 

The Inclusion Club webinar will provide two examples of Clubs that are leading the way with inclusive football in Wales. Both Clubs will share some of their initiatives and practical ways of developing an inclusive Club.

5. Developing an LGBTQ+ inclusive club – workshop  (3:00-4:00 PM)

The Developing an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to discover ways to become more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community.

The workshop will be delivered by Lou Englefield, Director of Pride Sports & Campaign Director of Football V Homophobia.

6. diabetes awareness in football - workshop (4:00-5:00 PM)

The workshop on Diabetes Awareness in Football provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about the personal experiences of living with Diabetes. It will also highlight how participants can play a  role to support people with Diabetes in football.

The workshop will be delivered by Neil Gibson: Senior Physical Activity Advisor at Diabetes UK, Chris Bright: Community Partnerships and Events Lead for JDRF UK, Andrea Miller: Diabetes Dietician for the NHS.





  • Charlotte Galloway - Cardiff Dragons FC.
  • Allan James - Cymru Football Foundation.
  • Rebecca Osland - Football Association of Wales.
  • Siân Cousins - Football Association of Wales Youth Council Chair.
  • Zoe Denman-Ellis - Football Association of Wales.
  • Dean Pymble - Show Racism the Red Card.
  • Daniel Tanhai - Canton Liberal FC.
  • Lou Englefield - Football V Homophobia.
  • Neil Gibson - Diabetes UK. 
  • Chris Bright - JDRF UK.
  • Andrea Miller - NHS.
  • Jason Webber - Football Association of Wales.
  • Carys Ingram  - Football Association of Wales.

Additional speakers TBC.

Further information & booking

All sessions for the CLWB PAWB Summit will take place online via Zoom, please note places are limited.

If you require accessibility support or have any questions about the Summit please contact

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