Our mission is clear, we want to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone has an equal opportunity, is included, and feels that they belong. 

To achieve this, the Welsh football family must work collectively to ensure all people from Welsh society see football as an activity they can play, coach, officiate spectate or volunteer in and most importantly enjoy while striving to be the best version of themselves.

clwb pawb vision

What is a clwb pawb club? 

Clwb PAWB has been developed to support Clubs in creating an inclusive environment that is representative of the local community while providing equal opportunities so that everyone can participate.

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    Where everyone has an equal opportunity to be invovled.

  • positive_relationship.svg

    Where members feel welcome and that they belong.

  • diverse-membership.svg
    Reflects the DIVERSITY of its community.

    Where all diverse groups are represented.

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    Is proactive in progressing EQUALITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

    Where every member plays an active role working together

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    Clwb PAWB Programme


    The Clwb PAWB Programme includes a framework for developing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in football through a toolkit which provides resources and guidelines. The Clwb PAWB Programme has been designed to be practical and adaptable for Clubs at all levels, where you can make progress at your own pace, identifying your own areas for improvement and implimenting elements of the framework dependent on your needs and available resources.

    The Club’s Equality Champion will lead the implementation of the programme supported by the Football Association of Wales PAWB (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) department and the PAWB Equality Champion Network.

    clwb pawb benefits

    What are the benefits of progressing ED&I?

    There are a range of benefits that result from progressing Equality Diversity & Inclusion at your Club, some of these can include:

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    Profile and reputation of the Club

    Your Club can become more appealing to a wider audience, raising the profile and reputation of the Club resulting in increased membership, participation and revenue.

  • positive relationship.svg
    Positive relationships between members

    Creating more positive relationships between members, strengthening the community as a whole by encouraging everyone to contribute to building a stronger chohesive society.

  • diverse-membership.svg
    A wider more diverse membership

    An increase in performance as a wider more diverse membership allows for a greater wealth of ideas and inspiration. Every new member offers skills, experience and abilities that are valuable to Clubs.

  • productivity.svg
    An increase in productivity

    An increase in productivity which members appreciate and learn from each other’s backgrounds, feel valued, respected and heard.

  • maintaining-relationship.svg
    Maintaining a relationship

    You are more likely to attract and retain the best members (Club officials, coaches, volunteers, and players).

  • policy.svg
    Improved policies and procedures

    Better policies and procedures create a more equal Club which can ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate.

  • better-for-everyone.svg
    Creating a better environment for everyone

    Making adaptations and modifications around your Club is good for everyone.

  • Clwb Pawb Framework

    5 steps to developing an equal, diverse, inclusive and accecable Club. 5 steps to developing an equal, diverse, inclusive and accessible Club.


    1. Equality champion appointment


    2. Club and community review


    3. Embedding Equality


    4. Creating an inclusive environment


    5. Developing Diversity

    action plan.png


    Developing a pawb action plan

    As you progress through the steps of the Clwb PAWB Framework you will identify a range of actions for you and your Club to be completed. Throughout the framework there will be reflective questions and prompts for you to add actions to your plan, with the hope that by the end of your journey progressing through the framework you will have a range of actions to begin working on towards embedding equality and creating an inclusive, diverse, welcoming environment at your club.

    You can note these actions down using the Clwb PAWB Action Plan template.

    Download club PAWB action plan

    further support

    Progressing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in football is an ongoing journey for everyone.  This Framework was developed to provide some practical guidance and resources for Clubs that are both at the start of their journey and for those who have already started working to make further progress.

    If you have any specific queries or questions contact PAWB@FAW.Cymru