Football Welcomes Refugees

The Football Welcomes Refugees (Cymru) project has seen the Football Association of Wales working with football Clubs across Wales to establish Refugee Welcoming hubs and the program has been underpinned by a national Refugee Football Network to further support individuals and create pathways into the game at all levels.

Our aim for this project is to utilise the power of football to help individuals reach their full potential and rebuild their lives by integrating into local communities in Wales. Football can also be a tool for individuals where language may be a barrier to help them with learning English (or Welsh).

A key initiative in accomplishing this aim has been establishing “Refugee Welcoming” accredited Football Clubs with an appointed Club Officer as lead contact throughout all levels of the football pyramid across Wales, creating inclusive environments for Asylum Seekers & Refugees to belong as members of the Club with the approach being adaptable and focused on each individual's needs. We have ensured that a number of the selected Clubs across Wales are situated within the 4 dispersal areas to support Asylum Seekers and also are spread throughout Wales to support Resettled Refugees.

To develop “Refugee Welcoming” Clubs we have provided educational workshops to club officials (min of 1 lead contact per club) delivered by Project Partner Amnesty International UK. Workshops develop participants understanding of Asylum Seekers and Refugees and focus on how Clubs can be inclusive and welcoming to individuals to be able to participate in many roles while addressing any potential barriers that may exist. We will also be developing a Becoming a “Refugee Welcoming” Club Toolkit which will be available to all Clubs in Wales.

To support Asylum Seekers and Refugees (both initially when arriving in Wales and following resettlement) to become involved in football Clubs will develop a resource of a directory of “Refugee Welcome” Accredited Clubs. This will be provided to Asylum Seekers & Refugees through partner organisations and made available online.

Coach & Referee Education Bursary Programme

The Bursary Programme provides free Level 1 Football Coaching and Referee Award Courses for Asylum Seekers & Refugees identified through our Project Partners. We provide additional support and mentoring for individuals who require and sign-post those qualified individuals to a “Refugee Welcoming” Accredited Club.


To register your interest in a Coach and/or Referee bursary place on the programme please send an email to PAWB@faw.Cymru confirming:

Your Name.

Area of residence.

You are eligible by being an Asylum Seeker or Refugee currently residing in Wales.

If you have any questions about becoming a referee or the course please contact: