Show Racism the Red Card Month of Action 2023

During October, football Clubs across Wales and the Football Association of Wales will be showing support for the Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) Month of Action (MOA).

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Written by PAWB - October 2, 2023

Show Racism the Red Card Month of Action 2023

The Football Association of Wales and SRtRC recognise that sport can be used as a vehicle to deliver Anti-Racist messaging throughout communities across Wales, working toward a completely Anti-Racist Wales by 2030.

The Month of Action is part of a wider program funded by the FAW which will see clubs across the country hosting match actions with players of both teams uniting together to stand against racism.

In addition to domestic and grassroots Clubs showing their support on and off the pitch, our Cymru Men’s National team will be showing racism the red card during their fixture at The Racecourse October 11th in an International Challenge Match against Gibraltar.

Recognising that education is vital in combating racism in football and society, the event will provide attendees with valuable information on how they can actively contribute to challenging racism within their Clubs, creating a safer, more welcoming, and inclusive environment for everyone involved.

Throughout the month of action and beyond, the FAW will continue to work with SRtRC and our Black and Ethnic Minority communities across Wales to work toward a more inclusive and welcoming environment in Football, where everyone, everywhere across Wales can feel they belong and are given equal and equitable opportunity to participate in the sport they love.

The FAW recognises that we have a long way to go to become a truly reflective of ALL communities across Wales both within our own organisation and across the game. While the FAW has made significant strides in implementing new measures and educational programmes, we acknowledge that there is still much ground to cover before racism is fully eradicated from Welsh football.

To learn more about some of the recommendations given to the FAW by SRtRC, please read here: Racism in Grassroots Football Report - Wales - Show Racism the Red Card

To sign your Club up to the Month of Action and receive your resource pack, register here: SRtRC Month Of Action Registeration

To be kept up to date with this seasons Month of Action follow Show Racism the Red Card on Social media:

  • Twitter: @theredcardwales
  • Facebook: /theredcardwales
  • YouTube: /redcardwales
  • Instagram: theredcardwales

If you, a teammate, colleague or opponent are subject to racism, please don’t ignore it, report it at: ReportIt@faw.co.uk

If you see or hear racism at any level of football, please report it to the nearest steward or Club Official. You can also report an incident at www.faw.cymru/ReportIt or by emailing ReportIT@faw.co.uk 

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